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Initial Consultation

I meet all clients in person for an initial consultation.

Initial  Consultatioin

When you text or email me to say that you are considering psychotherapy you don't need to go into detail about your situation.

A simple request for a call back is all that is needed along with your mobile number.


You will get a call back from me to make an arrangement to meet in my practice in Fade Street, Dublin 2.


The initial consultation usually lasts around 45 minutes and takes place in person.


There is no charge for this meeting.


During the initial consultation you are invited to share with me, what brings you to therapy and what are your hopes for the process.


Usually, people share something of their life story in this first meeting.


This is a relaxed and informal meeting and it’s an opportunity for you to ask questions and seek clarification.

Take your time.....

After this meeting, I encourage prospective clients to reflect on our meeting before making a decision.

Nobody expects a life without problems - just not to be endlessly stuck in the same problems

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