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My Approach

I am an Integrative Psychotherapist. Unlike many psychotherapists that have a one size fits all approach, I adapt my approach to suit each client.

I am a Humanistic Psychotherapist. In our sessions there will be no diagnosis, no homework, no logs or tracking. Instead, you will experience being listened to at a deep level. You will experience being in a real therapeutic relationship. As the therapist in that relationship I commit to be genuine, understanding and non-judgmental.

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I am a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist.

This means that in our sessions together there will be times when we need to look to the past to make sense of what’s happening to you in the ‘now’.

I am informed by Somatic Models of Psychotherapy.

For many clients, especially those who have experienced trauma, great benefit can be gained from turning the focus of attention to the body and ‘noticing’ with curiosity any change in body sensation. There are times when the body holds the ‘untold story’.

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I am influenced by Existential Psychotherapy.

For some clients the crisis relates to ‘life-stage’, ‘meaning’, ‘purpose’, ‘mortality’ and ‘human finiteness’. Work at this level is often referred to as Existential Psychotherapy. All they are universal, questions around ‘life purpose’ or death, can be isolation and frightening. As a therapist I offer to ‘walk shoulder to shoulder’ with my client as they travel this difficult stretch in their journey.

I am informed by the IFS and Gestalt Approaches:

 Internal Family Systems is a therapeutic approach that recognises that we are made up discrete ‘parts’, ‘aspects’, ‘subpersonalities’. It works with how these parts interact with each other. It may help to think of a time when you felt your ‘head was melting’ as you experienced different voices in your head urging you in different directions. I am influenced by the Gestalt Approach and my clients will recognise this in the way in which I focus on their experience of what is happening in the ‘now of the therapy session’ rather than ‘recounting’ events.

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